IT Consulting

Do you have a hard time understanding how to use the IT tools, systems, and resources available for you? Do you find that you are unequipped to understand the language and skills required to fully optimize your IT resources? In our IT consulting Namaste Infotech, we offer you all the technical resources and IT support needed to elevate your business from a low-technology level to an excellent business platform for state-of-the-art IT technology so that your profitability and productivity never takes a hit.

What services are available?

System development, implementation, Centralized IT resources and optimization of networks among many others. We are the ultimate solution providers for you because of two very important reasons:
We have highly skilled network developers, system designer and engineers to give you just what you want.

Our prices are highly competitive and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 
When considering IT consulting Namaste Infotech, you need to think Namaste Infotech, as your number one IT Consultancy to all your IT queries. Our services will definitely help you propel your business towards enhanced profitability. Our services are highly affordable and you also have the flexibility to choose from either a fixed price for a detailed project or an hourly rate for consultancy charges.

Some of the highlights of our industry leading IT consulting Namaste Infotech are:

System development
We will develop a system that will work in tandem with your needs and those of your clients, propelling your output into a much more client friendly system and in effect increasing your customer base.

Effective IT infrastructure
Our highly skilled engineers will ensure that your IT infrastructure is efficient and effective, that you have a Data backup and disaster management system that works, infrastructure upgrades and a help-desk that is skilled in handling all your queries as and when they arise.

Data safety
We ensure that we put up systems that are safe and secure for you and your existing and potential clients. Data encrypting and backup is incorporated in our private and public cloud services so you never have to worry about data safety.

In addition to these, we provide a multitude of IT consulting services for our valuable clients to help them with everything related to IT. Have a look at our services at a glance:

  • System development
  • Network design, implementation, and optimization
  • Centralized IT resources
  • Server setup and upgrade
  • Workstations setup and upgrade
  • Antivirus, Anti-spam, malware management
  • Cabling, data networking
  • Disaster planning and recovery
  • Telephony services

So, don’t wait any further. Contact us today and allow our highly skilled team of IT engineers and analysts the chance to show you why we are the best IT consulting services provider in the business.

Managed IT Services

Namaste Infotech collects all the IT related information that is happening in your company. The method that it applies is agile. It goes to think out- of-the-box to analyze the technical problems and offers a solution to your company on a whole new level. It works in compliance with your company IT needs.

With its managed IT support service, it has become a virtual IT which analyzes and offers you flexible IT needs. Moreover, at fixed monthly fees, you can avail its service easily, quickly, and efficiently. Besides this, there are many companies to whom, it has provided its managed IT services and IT support to solve their specific issues. Indeed, Namaste Infotech, one of the well-known IT companies has become 100% successful in providing a solid IT solution platform to all of you.

With the state-of-the-art IT accessories and a goal-oriented team of IT experts, we provide you a world class managed IT services. By assuring return on your investment and everything from Namaste Infotech, we would like to say that we offer our range of Managed IT services at the best price that fits your pocket. All the credit for this goes to our highly advanced methodologies, scale, and expertise.

Got a question. Ask us
Or have a look at the following questions

1. What am I outsourcing?
I am outsourcing IT service.

2. Why should I trust you?
This is hard to explain but we would like to say “Try us,” and you will know who we are.

3. Why should I choose you for the IT support and services and not others?
Efficient management and monitoring: At Namaste Infotech, we monitor your IT infrastructure around the clock to keep your downtime at bay. However, during technical contingencies, we try our best to take corrective actions quickly, so that your system is up.

Scalability– We offer you highly scalable managed IT service.

4. Can I get a trial offer?
Yes, you can, but there are conditions.

5. Do you have the documentations ready for me?
Yes, we do have. We also have IT solutions.

24/7 IT support, we never stop helping.

Flexibility– You can either go for the entire IT service package or simply customize it. In addition, we also provide both on-site and off-site service.

We offer monthly basis contract, including yearly. The choice is yours, you will get the desired result from us. With many years of service, our experience will get your business on track.

Contact us today to experience unmatchable IT support at a pocket friendly price.

WiFi Services

Good Wireless seems to be hard to find.  Not when installed correctly!  Not when planned strategically.  Not when monitored and continuously tuned for performance.  There is a right way and a wrong way to install WiFi.

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of your user is equivalent to providing personalized and above and beyond services. Namaste Infotech helps you deliver your promise by creating a seamless and reliable Wi-Fi experience that allows user to stay connected regardless of where they are.

Namaste Infotech Pvt. Ltd.  has continuously tweaked and developed and enhanced our deployments to remain a leader in delivering great:

  1. Public WiFi
  2. Enterprise WiFi
  3. SMB WiFi
  4. Hotel WiFi / Hospitality WiFi 
  5. Hospital WiFi               
  6. SoHo WiFi

Support Plan & Packages

It’s like having an entire IT staff at your disposal without hiring a full-time technician. Your business depends on your network’s availability, performance, and security – and your software is business-critical. Cut your IT costs and focus on the success of your business with our IT Support plan.

IT Support plan was specifically designed to provide your business the flexibility in having an IT staff in a pay-as-you-go service, without sacrificing critical computer support.

  • Can’t find reliable Tech Support for your organization?
  • Sick and tired from servers crashing and computer freezing?
  • Wish technology would just work as it should so you can run your business?
  • Worry about the rising costs for a full-time IT guy?

With the right IT Support Plan from, we can take corrective action before the problem occurs, thanks to the power of modern technology. That’s what makes us your IT support provider – the right people with the right solution.

What does IT Support plan include?

Desktop Maintenance

Scheduled Anti-Virus Updates

  • Scheduled Spyware Prevention and Deletion
  • Temp File Deletion
  • Patch Assessments & Updates
  • Comprehensive Hardware and Software Tracking on each Desktop/Laptop

Server Maintenance

  • Automated Daily Health Checks
  • Database Size Monitoring
  • Exchange DB Monitoring
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Service Monitoring
  • Security Patch Management
  • Service Pack Management

Quick Response

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Automatic alert dispatch
  • Assigned Tek

Security Monitoring

  • Alerts on attempted network access by unauthorized users
  • Software content control allows you to ban high-bandwidth interactive games or illegal peer-to-peer file sharing which monopolize business resources and promote viruses and spyware
  • Extensive security reporting gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire network’s security
  • Patch inventory ensures your operating systems are up to date and not exposed to vulnerabilities

Graphical Performance Reporting

  • Scheduled executive reporting, automatically generated and sent directly to your e-mail address
  • Easy-to-understand graphical reports with “un/acceptable threshold” lines
  • Makes capacity management and upgrade planning simple

Remote Management and Communication

  • can minimize disruptions to the work environment by remotely resolving issues using a secure VPN system
  • If an issue arises that requires on-site assistance, prior in-depth knowledge allows us to send fully prepared specialists who can resolve the issue faster than ever before
  • Network services monitoring and alerting ( POP3, HTTP, FTP and others)
    Very low bandwidth requirements – does not slow down your network response time

Detailed Site Level Inventory

  • Up-to-date hardware, software and patch information – automatically collected, 100% accurate.


A firewall can put pressure on your business because it needs constant monitoring and management to avoid the increasing threat of intrusions and network misuse. By using a managed firewall, your resources will no longer need to spend time taking care of day-to-day firewall management, including upgrades, patches, system configuration and other administration tasks.

Our Managed Firewall Service provides proactive, real-time firewall management and monitoring, giving your business 24-hour protection for a steady, monthly cost.

Our security specialists take care of configuration, set-up and the ongoing operation, which will free up your resources to focus on other tasks.

  • Data Security
  • Firewall
  • Web Filtering
  • Spam / Virus Protection and Monitoring


Virtualization is relatively new in the general scheme of technology, but it has exploded out of its infancy and in recent years has become foundation on which businesses operate. By helping businesses to virtualization, Managed IT Solutions have been able to cut operating costs by 50%, whilst also reducing a company’s carbon footprint and increasing productivity. Virtualization also goes hand-in-hand with other services such as Business Continuity and IT Compliancy.

The benefits of ‘going virtual’ can be far reaching and extremely effective:

Effective in cost cutting
Improving customer service
Demonstrable returns on IT investment
Higher visibility of management
Compliance with legislation
Data management, including data backup and business continuity
Consolidating complex IT systems
Risk control and security
More efficient storage systems

What is Virtualization?

In a computing, virtualization refers as a process to create virtual versions of computer system or server, and used software not hardware. Take a look at the example, huge server may be can store desktop environments as well as multiple virtual servers. For Managed IT service provider, it’s easy to maintain virtual environments as there no need to update each computer and software installation. These can save time and money too.

In fact, Virtualization is an essential part of a good IT Infrastructure of a business. It must be designed for streamlined data management, tightly tuned and managed in the cloud. If your in-house IT team are spending time chasing their tails managing your business’s IT, they won’t be spending enough time on driving the business forward.

IT Infrastructure

Stop worrying about costly tech support – let a professional IT Support company handle your computer service needs from PC repairs to 24/7 computer network monitoring at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees. Here are some of the IT Services we offer…

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • On-Site Support
  • 24×7 Telephone Support – A leading provider of IT Help Desk services. Our professional staff, partner relationships, and alliances provide a single, integrated help desk – incorporating all levels of support from Level I (first call response) to Level III (systems administrator). You’ll receive help with all issues from our highly knowledgeable staff that holds various acclaimed certifications and averages more than 10 years of industry experience per individual. In addition to help desk support, we also provide regular and detailed reporting, and a user-accessible support knowledge base set up just for your organization.
  • 24×7 On-site Support – On-site Support is second to none in the industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians, systems and network managers, and application engineers can provide on-site help for quick issue resolution.
  • 24×7 On-site Support – On-site Support is second to none in the industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians, systems and network managers, and application engineers can provide on-site help for quick issue resolution.
  • 24×7 Remote Support
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virus, Spyware, Spam Removal and Protection
  • Server Backups
  • Desktop / Laptop Backups
  • Network Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Server Setup and Relocation
  • Network and Data Security
  • Hardware Installation
  • Server Installation and Upgrades
  • Spam Filtering and Email Solutions
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Office Move and Relocation
  • Scheduled Daily Maintenance
  • Wireless Setup and Support
  • Office Add-ons, Moves, or Relocations
  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Network Optimization
  • Home Office Support

Backup & Data Protection

Data loss poses a significant threat to businesses who rely on the availability of their data to operate. From customer databases and transaction history to employee records and payroll information, company data is one of the most vital assets a business must work to protect. Unfortunately, data loss is a far too frequent occurrence for most businesses. Studies have shown that nearly half of all small businesses have suffered some form of data loss and the consequences can be devastating. Hard drives will fail and you will lose data. Are you protected?


  • Data Backup
  • Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Solutions (Onsite or Offsite)
  • Data Backup and Protection
  • NAS (Network Area Storage)

Help Desk

Namaste Infotech provide a highly trained, experienced and qualified IT help desk services that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We believe that lost productivity means lost revenue, which includes the potential loss of clients and opportunities. While, our main aim is to keep your staff active and productive.

Business need you to available in any condition, where your customer’s needs you most. Namaste Infotech has the best and winning solution. We are based in Kathmandu and you will find our staff are some of the most helpful, professional, and smartest people.

Only choose a help desk, from which your works get easy. Namaste Infotech help you on management and training costs, HR, short-term or long-term, part-time or full-time, local, national and also worldwide.

We provide management tools and remote monitoring with cutting-edge. We are always standby to remote within your area to manage any troubled machines. If the remote solution stops working means does not work, we will provide some of our best specialist or experts at your door to fix the problems and you can resume your works.

Namaste Infotech help desk services Facts and Benefits:

Our best staff provides friendly, fast and effective solution that makes your employee easy in IT.
You have different options to contact us, for example email, chat, and phone. 
You can track your quires anytime. 
Team with highly trained, experienced and qualified provide best support. 
We provide services which is cost effective. 
We have our own help-desk staff, so we do not outsource them, 
You can come and meet our staff who provide support for you. 
Give Namaste Infotech a call, so you can feel more confident in your Help Desk.

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